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My primary focus in research lies in the intersection of secular stagnation and the intricate dynamics of the Japanese economy.

We are deeply engrossed in addressing various dimensions of this multifaceted subject.


We are scrutinizing the pervasive Japanese debt quandary, exploring the nuanced misallocation of women in Japan’s workforce, and are in collaboration with IO researchers to estimate demand and markup in the computer hardware sector.

We are also open to embarking on explorative journeys into a plethora of mini-research ideas. We are enthusiastic about collaborating with senior undergraduate and master’s students who are eager to carve a niche in academia.


Engaging in these projects will not only whet your appetite for research but also equip you with a substantive foundation for independent scholarly inquiries. If these research trajectories resonate with your academic interests and you are keen on contributing to our ongoing endeavors alongside me and my esteemed coauthors, please reach out.


Your email titled "RA(Macro)" will be a passport to a conversation where we can explore mutual interests and potential collaborations.


Additionally, if your interest lies in dissecting a paper and extrapolating its implications to the Japanese economic landscape,

your expertise will be valued as a Research Assistant.


I invite you to share the paper you are inclined to delve into, accompanied by a comprehensive paragraph elucidating its significance and applicability to Japan. In our previous engagements, for instance, we have meticulously examined a number of papers shedding light on the implications of the negative interest rate policy. This endeavor has enriched our perspective and contributed to the breadth and depth of our ongoing research.


I'm looking for RAs who help me read theory papers. Or you can suggest to me an important theory paper.


For example, I'm currently interested in understanding the following theory papers.

  • Structural Rationality in Dynamic Games by Siniscalchi

  • Signaling under Double-Crossing Preferences, by Chen Ishida and Suen

  • Social Experimentation with Interdependent and Expanding Technologies by Garfagnini and Strulovici


Please email me with the title "RA(Micro)".

Book Review

I'm looking for RAs who help me discuss the following books or you can suggest to me a book about economics or politics.

I welcome undergraduate students who are interested in academia/journalism.

  • 通産省と日本の軌跡 (MITI and the Japanese Miracle) by Chalmers Johnson

  • ​競争政策論 2nd Edition by 小田切宏之

  • Antitrust: Taking on Monopoly Power from the Gilded Age to the Digital Age

  • Money for Nothing: The South Sea Bubble and the Invention of Modern Capitalism

Please email me with the title "RA(Review)".


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