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Advanced Macroeconomics

I teach first-year advanced macroeconomics physically and virtually.

I pay special attention to growth (since it is the most relevant topic for Japan)

Please email me if you want to participate. 

The topics covered in the course include, but are not limited to:

  • Infinite Dimensional Optimization (Sequential and Dynamic programming approach, necessity of TVC)

  • Solution methods (linearization and discrete DP)

  • Basic Equilibrium Concepts (AD, Sequential market equilibrium, Recursive equilibrium)

  • Exogenous Growth Theory.

  • (Semi-) Endogenous Growth Theory (Reduced-form approach and sectoral implication)

  • Endogenous Technological Change

I plan to cover various specific applications including Hayashi-Prescott (2002 RED); Takahashi-Takayama (2022, WP); Nakajima(2008, JWE); Peters and Walsh(2021, WP), and; Atkeson and Burnstein(2019, JPE) and more.

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